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ExecIn is a private, invitation-only conference within ISM2020. Supply management senior executive leaders gather from Fortune 500 and 1000 organizations for networking, panel discussions, strategic educational sessions on current hot topics and networking with fellow thought leaders.

This year ExecIn features a revised format providing a unique and highly interactive environment that delves deeply into a single, cutting edge topic that’s becoming increasingly critical within organizations. It’s a topic that’s becoming top-of-mind for CEOs and is finding its way directly into strategic planning and management of organization’s supply chain. This ExecIn experience will prepare you for transformational change within your organization and inspire you in the belief that better business builds a better world.

Topic Overview

ESG as a Core Driver of Organizational Performance

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are standards for a company’s operations that socially conscious investors use to screen potential investments.


Environmental criteria considers how a company performs as a steward of nature.


Social criteria examines how it manages relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and the communities where it operates.


Governance deals with a company’s leadership, executive pay, audits, internal controls and shareholder rights.

Organizations have begun to implement ESG practices to reshape how they create value. This value manifests itself through returns in the equity selection process, as valuation models emerge to demonstrate those returns for institutional investors who seek out companies with strong ESG practices and ratings.


Scheduled within ISM2020, ExecIn attendees get access to the full conference program as well as this conference within a conference.

Monday, April 27th

SESSION ONE: Behind the Scenes with General Mattis

The program kicks off after the ISM2020 General Session. ExecIn attendees get an opportunity to have an intimate Q&A session with Gen Mattis.

SESSION TWO: Impact of High Sustainability Companies

Hear from the author of the seminal body of research on the effect of corporate sustainability on organizational processes and achievement. This presentation will dive into the performance results of high sustainability companies and how they compare to their counterparts in stock market and overall financial results.

SESSION THREE: Understand the Impact of COSO Framework on Risk Management

Engage with a member representative of the Coalition of Supporting Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) and gain an in-depth understanding of the COSO framework. Entities, including businesses, governments and non-profits, face an evolving landscape of ESG-related risks that can impact their profitability, success and even survival. Given the unique impacts and dependencies of ESG-related risks, COSO and WBCSD have partnered to develop guidance to help entities better understand the full spectrum of these risks and to manage and disclose them effectively. This framework is designed to help risk management and sustainability practitioners apply enterprise risk management (ERM) concepts and processes to ESG-related risks.

SESSION FOUR: The Global Reporting Initiative and GRI Standards

Gain a deeper understanding of the Global Reporting Initiative and how to leverage the GRI Standards for sustainability reporting. GRI Standards represent the global best practice in sustainability reporting. They are designed to be used as a set by any organization that wants to report about its impacts, and how it contributes towards sustainable development. The GRI Standards are also a trusted reference for policy makers and regulators worldwide; they encourage and enable credible non-financial reporting by the companies under their jurisdictions. Connect with experts, gain exclusive access to resources and get the latest information about the GRI Standards.

Tuesday, April 28th

SESSION FIVE: Behind the Scenes with Nikki Haley

Immediately following the day 2 ISM2020 General Session, ExecIn attendees get an opportunity to have an intimate Q&A session with Amb Nikki Haley.

SESSION SIX: Sustainability Initiatives in Action

Close out your ExecIn experience by hearing some inspirational success stories from several “high sustainability” organizations. Participate in this lively discussion and engage with experts to share your insights, ask questions, and grow your ESG network.


Women in Procurement

This session will introduce you to inspirational women in the field and what they are doing to bring innovation to the profession. As we surveyed the community, it became clear that it’s not necessarily the celebrity, it’s the everyday heroes who are making the difference. This fun, interactive panel will share stories and perspectives on how to bring innovation (and a different perspective) to the job.

NEW! Revolutionary Ideas on Procurement & Supply Chain: From the Students’ Perspective

Get a look into the future of the profession. Students from various supply chain programs will provide their insights and revolutionary ideas about the profession. Come listen, get involved in the Q & A and meet students face-to-face at the ISM booth.

Wednesday, April 29th

Included with your ISM2020 registration, ISM is introducing three half-day workshops. One is specifically designed for senior management to help address the challenges of talent management.

Developing Your 30-60-90 Day Talent Action Plan

Join an in-depth workshop that focuses on developing your talent action plan. Gain insight into top talent acquisition and retention trends, discuss trends and real-world organizational applications. Leave with your own personal talent action plan.


Alexander Alonso, Ph.D. SHRM-SCP, Chief Knowledge Officer at the Society for Resource Management (SHRM); Fortune 1000 Chief People Officer (to be announced); Cross-functional Procurement Panel (to be announced)

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Space is limited, but to be considered for an invitation to this exclusive event, you must qualify under the following:

  • Work in a supply chain or procurement role
  • Organization revenue size is $1 Billion+*
  • Your title is Vice President or above

* ISM Corporate Program companies of $500 M + in revenue qualify.


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